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I am inspired by music, and fascinated by the points of juxtaposition between: composing and performing; precise composition and ensemble improvisation; and jazz and classical genres. As a composer, performer and ensemble director, I have many opportunities to explore these dichotomies.

My life in music is informed by a Bachelor's in Composition from the University of Michigan Residential College of Music, and by studies in composition and arranging with Jane Heirich, William Bolcom and pianist Tad Weed and bass with Jeff Halsey, Derek Weller and Erin Zurbuchen. In 2007, I was fortunate to be able to bring together a multi-talented group of musicians, the Leigh Daniels Ensemble, to perform my music and provide dynamic, invaluable contributions to the evolving scores.

Join us for an upcoming show! We have a great time performing live in venues throughout Southeast Michigan. Copies of my compositions and Leigh Daniels Ensemble recordings are on the CD Page.

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